September 25, 2023

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How Pepsi is challenging the rum and Coke

“People said it makes the rum tastes more flavorful, more enjoyable,” said Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s chief marketing officer, in an interview. People would recommend it, they would order it at a bar. Which is interesting because if you look at the way most people order it, they order it with the bar call—’rum and blank.’ It’s shocking to think everyone got it wrong.”

The rum brands did not have anything to do with the promotion, Kaplan said. 

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Pepsi will advertise the campaign primarily in print and out-of-home ads in the Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans and New York City markets, in addition to social media platforms and search. The ads will run throughout August, which is National Rum Month. The brand worked with the creative agency Alma on the campaign.

Ads will accompany slogans such as “Is your rum OK?” and “Finally, the cola your rum has been asking for.”


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