October 1, 2023

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Pepsi takes the war with Coke to the Rum-level. Adland®

For a century, rum and cola has charmed cocktail enthusiasts worldwide with its spicy rum and delightful cola fizz. Unfortunately, some mistakenly opt for a different cola, missing out on the true, optimal experience. Chief Marketing Officer of Pepsi, Todd Kaplan, also explains:


“(We) recently commissioned a consumer study to learn more, and we were pleased to find out that people actually prefer the taste of “Rum and Pepsi” over our competitor! No matter if you enjoy your rum – on the beach or in the bar – its clear that rum is Better with Pepsi!
And much like one of our boldest challenger campaigns of all time — even when we aren’t behind the bar, we’re always in the picture! Please join us as we raise our glasses of “Rum and Pepsi” to toast farewell to our current Pepsi logo in style.”


Translation, it’s the last chance to use that clever ‘we are always in the picture’ Art Direction idea created by Alma in 2021 that won so many awards. Fair enough!


Kyle Shadix, PepsiCo’s Corporate Executive Research Chef for Global Beverages and former “Chopped” contender, adds:

“Rum tends to evoke warm, sweet flavors reminiscent of caramel and vanilla, a result of the oak barrel aging progress. The crisp, sweet and citrusy notes in Pepsi bring perfect balance to the warm spice notes of rum, like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, creating a smooth, well rounded taste profile for a perfect summer cocktail!”

Fair enough, if you are into sweet drinks.


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