October 1, 2023

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The world’s first McDonald’s “fry-through” Adland®

This small restaurant, baptized with the name of “Fry-Thru”, sells only and exclusively French fries (in keeping with its striking shape). Of course, despite the brevity of its menu, diners can enjoy fries seasoned with the limited edition sauces Outback BBQ Sauce and Mayo Sauce (which has a “wasabi” flavor).

These sauces have been specially created to commemorate the Women’s Soccer World Cup currently being held in Australia and neighboring New Zealand (and where McDonald’s is a sponsor).

“We are excited to be able to create unforgettable experiences for our fans across Australia for the FIFA Women’s World Cup,” said David Morris, McDonald’s Australia brand manager. “Located in Darling Harbour, the Fry-Thru is the perfect place for football fans to recharge with our iconic crisps before and after World Cup matches,” adds Morris.


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