October 1, 2023

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Martyn Sibley on connecting brands with disabled influencers at Purple Goat

Ad Age is marking Disability Pride Month 2023 with our Honoring Creative Excellence package, in which members of the disability community revisit some of their favorite creative projects. (Read the introduction here.) Today, Martyn Sibley, co-founder and CEO of Purple Goat, writes about launching the London-based global marketing agency.

I’m thrilled to share the remarkable journey of Purple Goat, the pioneering marketing agency that I lead. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to connect brands with disabled social media influencers, champion inclusivity and redefine the marketing industry. 

The inception of Purple Goat can be traced back to a transformative coaching session I had in 2019, which sparked the idea of connecting brands with disabled influencers. I saw immense potential in leveraging the power of influencer marketing to not only create impactful campaigns but also to amplify the voices of talented creators who were often overlooked by the mainstream media.

With this vision in mind, I set out to find a partner with expertise in influencer marketing, and that’s when I discovered the Goat agency. They were renowned for their innovative approach and track record of success in influencer marketing, making them the perfect match. What excited me even more was the opportunity to lead the charge in disability inclusion, an area where the Goat agency was eager to learn and grow.


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