September 21, 2023

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Audio ads outperform video for attention and brand recall: Dentsu study

Having audio attention data embedded into Dentsu’s planning process and planning tools will enable the agency to “elevate the conversations around audio and also different types within audio, to be able to justify that investment to clients on top of what had existed previously,” said Joanne Leong, global head of planning at Dentsu.

Podcast host ads get more attention

Podcasts measured across Audacy, Cumulus Media, iHeartMedia, Spotify and SXM drove the highest attentive seconds per thousand impressions compared to other digital, social and TV benchmarks in the study. Ads read by podcast hosts performed better than traditional audio ads in podcasts at moving the needle on brand preference.

Radio measured across Audacy, Cumulus and iHeartMedia also drove higher attentive seconds per thousand impressions than other digital, social and TV benchmarks. It was 10 times more efficient at generating brand recall per second than average online video ads measured in Dentsu’s Attention Economy project.

Music streaming measured on Amazon Music across voice with Alexa and on mobile or desktop drove the best brand choice uplift for 30-second ads on Alexa-enabled devices than on desktop and mobile devices.

But, overall, there were not huge differences in attention, recall or brand choice metrics across conventional radio, streaming and podcasts, as all tended to outperform video ads on those measures, said Mike Follett, CEO of Lumen.


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