September 21, 2023

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For Gen Zers, brand purpose means helping us impact the world

And the pandemic has only accelerated our passion for change, as globally, 79% of Gen Z say it has become more important for companies to behave sustainably (Nielsen). In the U.K., 72% of Gen Zers say they’ve become more interested in activism and social causes since the pandemic began. The pandemic has also heightened Gen Z’s passion for sustainability in particular. Globally, Gen Zers are 20% more likely than average to say that it’s become more important to reduce their environmental impact (FacebookIQ).

So why are companies like Amazon viewed as purposeful?

Brands helping Gen Zers to show their values and express their points of view is more powerful than one that executes those same actions on its own. As such, a dependable service such as Amazon that can provides the tools, resources and deals to make things happen in the world in as little as eight hours is incredibly valuable—an insight that Amazon leaned into with its ad, The Show Must Go On.

Gen Zers are hyperconnected individuals, inherently comfortable expressing themselves through digital creative tools. Valuing creativity is a core belief among many of us. More than half of Gen Zers state that they believe they’re more creative than previous generations, and we uniquely describe creative pursuits as essential—meaning we don’t see creativity as a side outlet but rather as a core attribute of daily life (USA Today).

In the digital age, creative expression is seen as vital to successful relationship building, self-realization and, increasingly, the ability to make a living. This creative emphasis fuels Gen Z’s distinct desire to share and be involved with the brands they interact with at all levels.


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