September 25, 2023

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Spin Master CMO on Paw Patrol movie, brand’s appeal

While “Barbie” got a boost from its July 21 dual release date with “Oppenheimer,” leading to the double-feature marketing dream of “Barbenheimer,” “Paw Patrol” is also seeing some social media buzz from an unexpected, and unlikely, release date partner. “Saw X,” the latest iteration of the long-running horror franchise, will also debut on Sept. 29, which has led some online to dub the dual movie meme “Saw Patrol.”

Spin Master wouldn’t be promoting that type of meme, but Tucker does discuss how the company maps out its marketing strategy as it considers both kids and parents. Spin Master creates “bespoke marketing” across the brands in its portfolio to leverage each channel for each audience segment, he said.

“Parent-only targeted media and messaging is becoming an increasingly important and bigger part of our mix, and we’re leaning into long-form and we’re leaning into influencers and we’re leaning into channels like TikTok very carefully, only with parents,” Tucker said.


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