September 21, 2023

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Creator marketing news and trends—Fashion Nova collabs with NPC streamer Pinkydoll, YouTube takes on TikTok

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YouTube adds TikTok-inspired features to Shorts: YouTube this week revealed several new tools for Shorts creators designed to help the platform’s short-form content to better compete with rival platform TikTok. These six new features, announced in a Tuesday blog post, include a “Collab” tool, which effectively functions as TikTok’s “Duet” feature and allows users to append their video to another user’s video; interactive Q&A stickers; the ability to livestream in the Shorts feed; and the option for a creator to instantly apply the audio clip or visual effects from another user’s video to their own. In the blog post, YouTube also announced it will be piloting a new tool in the coming weeks that enables users to convert horizontal videos into vertical ones through cropping and zooming in or out.

Snapchat incentivizes AR creators: Speaking of platforms emulating TikTok, Snapchat announced a new monetization program for creators who develop AR filters for the platform. The program, called Lens Creator Rewards, will reward creators up to $7,200 per month based on how frequently their AR filters, or “lenses,” are used in the U.S., India and Mexico, according to a Snap blog post. This new payment model resembles TikTok’s Effect Creator Rewards fund, which the platform launched in May and doles out up to $700 for each viral AR filter a creator produces.


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