September 21, 2023

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How Looney Tunes overhauled its social media strategy

How do you and your team create content? Is it planned out far ahead of time or typically more reactionary?

I would say that about 75% of our content is planned and about 25% is reactive. So, when we’re building out our social calendar, we really want to take into account what’s happening with our franchises. Is there a new launch or a new series coming out? Is there a key product collaboration that we want to promote? And we’re also taking into account everything that we know that’s happening in pop culture, and then planning accordingly. We call this our “planned reactive,” and it’s essentially us planning for an event and anticipating that there’s going to be a lot of social media conversation around it. 

If and when a [pop culture moment] takes off, then we can really evaluate how we want to participate in that conversation while building off all these existing ideas. So, we’re typically working about a month or so in advance with those bigger beats that we knew were going to happen, and then leaving space for whatever the internet might serve up on a given day, because we know that there’s always going to be something that we’re going to want to react to and play off.

It’s really impossible to predict what’s going to resonate, so we work really closely with our agency, Movement [Strategy], to monitor trends. They are extremely tapped into the social, cultural zeitgeist, so with their help, we’re really picking out those moments that we feel confident are going to pop across social media.

I think the other thing that really is our sort of guide posts is our fans themselves. We’re constantly working with Movement to analyze our post engagement and their performance, and we’ve really developed this strong sense of what drives our fans’ excitement and the types of trends they’re going to appreciate. That has given us a really good sense of what we should be leaning into and what we should be staying away from.


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