September 25, 2023

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Martech’s recession playbook—how to get more out of existing content

It’s clear that businesses are going to be competing more fiercely for less wallet share in the short term. We’ve thought very carefully about to drive content and engagement in the market where differentiation is increasingly important. Content drives clicks, engagement and ultimately, conversion.

What content is working?

Daniels: We’ve placed greater emphasis on a derivatives strategy. Rather than generating lots of content, we’ve pivoted to one piece of core content that carries consistent ROI and value-based messaging. We then shatter that for the different channels we execute through.

Secondly, you don’t need to create lots of new content for new audiences. What we’ve done is we’ve started to look at the existing content that we’ve got and simply rename and repurpose that for a new audience.

We have an “ROI guide for digital asset management”—DAM for short—and we changed the title to “The CFO guide to DAM ROI.” Then we made some minor amendments to the text and the content in between so that we now have a piece of hero content that’s relevant for CFOs.

Bianchi: Less is more. It’s really about quality. There’s no need to have 4,000 blogs out there; you just need 200 to 300 amazing blogs that perform really well from an SEO perspective. We’ve removed a lot of content from our website and are focused on a value exchange. When we create a piece of content it’s created with purpose.

It’s not necessarily some trade secret or anything like that, but we were struggling with the capacity to generate video at the rate we needed when we were trying to keep up with the content conveyor belt. As soon as we started thinking more carefully about that, and producing the right levels of content, it freed up resources to put effort into video, the medium that we know everybody likes to consume.

What are content tips to help with conversion?

Bianchi: One of the main areas that we focused on is the demo experience. Through testing, we found that different buyers wanted different things from different outcomes. Some people want a real-life person to demonstrate a product. For others, a demo is synonymous with trial or a hands-on experience. Some people want something that’s in between.


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