September 25, 2023

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NewsNation aims to capitalize on Fox, MSNBC and CNN struggles with local marketing approach

“From an awareness standpoint, it’s very much a long game,” said Killian. “[We’re] building a network one viewer at a time, literally, and we’re a bit old school in that we believe in going to places like the Iowa State Fair and the Indianapolis 500 to meet viewers one-by-one … Do you see CNN at the Indianapolis 500? Do you see Fox News at the Iowa State Fair? Our competitors aren’t doing these things—they’re not meeting Middle America where they are because they don’t care.”

The town hall with Ramaswamy is the counterpart to a previous town hall NewsNation conducted with Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., which brought in 200,000 viewers for the network. The two town halls exemplify Killian’s description of NewsNation’s promise: Viewers hear from the political left and right and can make up their own minds about the rest.

“Places like the Iowa State Fair—it’s literally the geographic middle of the country, but it’s also the sensible middle,” said Killian. “That’s who our people are, and we’re hoping to convert a lot more.”


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