September 25, 2023

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Top 5 creative ads: McDonald’s, Subaru, Treasure Cave, VW, Instagram

1. Instagram: Instagram Connections
Agency: Johannes Leonardo

We all know how deep into social media Gen Z is—and how often it’s cause for concern. In two new short films, though, Instagram manages the rare trick of acknowledging that obsession, not dodging the criticisms entirely, yet highlighting the positive connections social media can also engender. The idea that it’s not all doom and gloom feels real in these shorts, which were directed with impressive restraint by Vincent Haycock. Nothing is sugarcoated—indeed, FOMO is a lurking presence in both stories. Yet seeing these teens search for friendship and love, via an app that allows them to be flexible in the ways they communicate, is unexpectedly touching. Social media may be as dangerous as critics say, but this is a reminder that it can change lives for the better. Sometimes.


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