September 21, 2023

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How Malibu rum is turning summer from a season to a mindset

“For us, ‘Do Whatever Tastes Good’ was really about going a step further and trying to understand and define what it meant to be a brand associated with summer. For Malibu, we came up with the idea of shifting away from just being associated with summer to being a brand that stood for the summer mindset, otherwise known as that vacation mindset—that point when where you get to kind of put all your worries aside, close the laptop, and really allow yourself to have fun, and be playful,” Foley said. “And that’s where Malibu comes in.”

“Do Whatever Tastes Good” came as part of a 2022 global brand reset with Wieden+Kennedy London. The strategy is to use Malibu’s equity in sunshine and beaches to remind consumers they can have those carefree moments at any time.

Malibu’s rums saw a 7.8% decline in cases in the U.S. in 2022, according to Impact Databank figures reported by Shanken News Daily. Malibu’s ready-to-drink cocktails increased by 260% a year after being introduced in 2021.


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