October 1, 2023

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McDonald’s introduces As Featured In Meal, tied into ‘Loki’ season 2

McDonald’s plans to run a commercial for the As Featured In meal, but the spot from Wieden+Kennedy New York is not yet available. 

The new meal comes on the heels of McDonald’s last campaign with the Grimace Birthday meal, which included a berry milkshake trend that went viral on TikTok. Late last year, the company rolled out a meal positioned as adult Happy Meal promotion in partnership with streetwear brand Cactus Plant Flea Market, which included toys of Grimace, Birdie and the Hamburglar in the style of the streetwear brand. Then in April, the Hamburglar returned to tell customers that burgers would be getting slight tweaks for “meltier cheese” and “a better sear.” 

“It’s not only our real-life fans who have a go-to order … for decades our favorite movie and TV characters have, too,” said Morgan Flatley, McDonald’s global chief marketing officer and head of new business ventures. “The As Featured In Meal is our biggest Famous Order yet, celebrating the most memorable McDonald’s references across the world of entertainment.” 

In another nod to the new “Loki” season, McDonald’s will deck out a Brooklyn, New York location with 1982 memorabilia, the setting for the show. Customers can scan the Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce to watch content around the new season on Snapchat. The second season of “Loki” will start streaming Oct. 6 on Disney +.

A photo apparently showing the Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce with green “Loki” packaging surfaced on Twitter earlier in the week.


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