October 1, 2023

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Paris Hilton wants brands’ metaverse strategies to change

The Paris effect

Hilton was an early adopter of Web3 technologies, launching digital wearables as early as 2015 and beginning to develop her other metaverse community, Paris World, in 2017, “but obviously the technology hadn’t caught up with me yet,” Hilton said. Slivingland is the next level of Hilton’s Web3 ambitions that revolve around content ownership and curating her own cultural presence, a topic which has been particularly resonant over the past years alongside social reevaluations of celebrity treatment, particularly women such as Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan in the early 2000s.

“A lot of brands are sitting back and they know they need to be in the metaverse, but they don’t know how,” said Hauserman. “Where Paris has been such a trailblazer, and the 11:11 team, is being a safe partner to come in and help brands show up in a new world.”

Part of Hilton’s inspiration for launching 11:11 Media, of which she is CEO and chairwoman, was to combine the community, content and commerce with her first-adopter eye for cultural trends. In previous metaverse projects, Hilton has partnered with brands including Levi’s and L’Oreal’s Urban Decay, for which she’s launched products and congregated virtual crowds in the millions.

Hilton said her cultural clairvoyance was something she was born with. “Also, the ADHD helps with that, and being an Aquarius,” said Hilton. “I’m just like a naturally creative person.” She also credits her enthusiasm for research and being “a student of the game” when it comes to tech and innovation, and can lend the power of her 70 million social followers.

A recent partnership was with Taco Bell, for which Hilton created social content, a hotline and revived an archived song to launch the return of the chain’s Volcano Menu. Taco Bell told Ad Age the campaign has been one of its most successful this year, and 11:11 Media said it drove $3.3 million in ad equivalency.


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