October 1, 2023

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Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards 2023—why you should enter

What kind of campaigns are eligible?

All kinds of campaigns are eligible, including TV spots and campaigns, videos, branded content, websites, games, apps, social media and other efforts that are harder to define—including new distribution ideas or new ways to engage a community.

Campaigns must have run between Jan. 1, 2022, and June 26, 2023, and must be bona fide work for a real client that was actually produced and/or ran in a media environment. Judges will disqualify work not approved by a client, work done for a client you don’t have or ads that no one ever saw.

Who judges the Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards?

The editorial teams of Modern Healthcare and Ad Age will judge all entries.

What’s new in 2023?

To keep pace with the rapid changes happening in both health care and marketing, we’ve revamped the categories. New categories include those for innovative use of data; purpose-led work; and campaigns whose budget, format or buy was small relative to its formidable impact—otherwise known as Tiny But Mighty.

See a full list of categories here.

How much does it cost to enter?

Pricing for the 2023 Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards is $450 per campaign entered.

What does the Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards entry form require?

To enter, you’ll need background information on the campaign that includes the client; a description of the business challenge or problem addressed by the campaign; a summary of the media or communications plan and a description of the creative executions; and a summary of the campaign’s results, including relevant metrics.

You’ll also need to provide examples of the work, such as videos, audio files, images, case studies or a PDF.

When is the deadline?

The final deadline for entries is Tuesday, Sept. 5, at 5 p.m. PDT.


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