October 1, 2023

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Rakish Announces Revamped Sales Force Adland®

Award-winning production company Rakish promotes Chiara Useche to Head of Sales / Creative Producer, and changes their West Coast and Midwest representation to Hero Mgmt. and Nikki Weiss & Co., respectively. Useche brings gusto and holism to Rakish’s sales strategy, as the new sales reps complement Rakish’s East Coast representation, Barrie Isaacson Management.


“In our role as producers, we notice the sometimes opposite but interconnected forces of both worlds—the financial and the artistic. I feel called to bridge them to generate truly innovative ideas that drive business and creative growth through the art of film craft,” said Useche. “Building this bridge is my core mission now as Head of Sales at Rakish.”


Useche, originally from Colombia, has a deep, diverse background in the industry including, advertising executive, executive producer, and graphic designer roles. Nimble, with an exceptional instinct for people and sales strategy, she will catalyze the influence of Rakish’s exemplary roster of directors, starting by cultivating fresh relationships with Hero Mgmt. and Nikki Weiss & Co, both of superlative repute for their ability to place talent.


“Our sales structure will be a proactive force, consistently seeking to identify areas where we can contribute while fulfilling our purpose to satisfy our soul’s cravings for art creation — and always with a mindset of delivering a positive impact in our industry,” said Useche.


Preston Garrett immediately recognized Chiara as a vital asset when she initially came on board. He’s confident she will continue to position Rakish for maximum impact by deliberately fostering a sales strategy that melds creativity and business acumen.


 “Chiara, in so many ways, has been the beating heart of Rakish since early 2020. Her vision of the company —its past, present, and future — is unique, passionate, and full of life. She’s grown into this role organically, yet as I sit here today, it feels like it was always inevitable. I couldn’t be happier for Chiara’s next step within Rakish; it’s right in every way.”



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