September 25, 2023

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Holiday marketing strategies—how brands and creators can work together this season

Like marketers, the holiday season comprises a large portion of creators’ yearly revenue. According to the Collective Voice survey, 57% of influencers receive a quarter of their annual income from their holiday content and related brand deals, and another 28% of creators earn almost half of their annual revenue during the holiday season. 

Part of this boost in income during the holidays may stem from creators raising the rates they charge per post as marketers begin flooding their inboxes with requests for holiday sponsorships. Last year, influencer marketing agency Fohr reported over half of influencers up their rates during the holiday season. 

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For the majority of creators, Instagram is the most lucrative platform during the holidays, with 57% citing the platform as their biggest source of revenue from holiday brand deals. Another 18% pointed to Facebook as their most profitable platform for holiday sponsorships, while just 5% named TikTok and YouTube as their main source of holiday revenue. Notably, 11% of influencers generate the largest portion of their holiday income from blogs, which they will often use to host extensive gift guides. 

When it comes to holiday brand deals, the vast majority of creators are seeking “fewer, high-paying collaborations” rather than a plethora of single sponsored posts, according to Collective Voice. The platform’s survey revealed 85% of creators focus on “nurturing their existing brand relationships” when selecting brands to partner with for the holidays, and just 14% exclusively seek out sponsorships from brands they haven’t previously worked with.


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