September 25, 2023

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Grover also recommended being more strategic with the type of coverage agencies aim to get based on specific goals—going for trade publications, for instance, if a particular industry is of interest.

Nourishing your networks

Ultimately, long-term relationship-building helps nourish the kinds of networks that are crucial for keeping businesses healthy in 2023. In an increasingly interconnected world, the most impactful agencies recognize that marketing isn’t just about promoting a product or service, but rather about fostering a community and nurturing its growth.

Adrian Owen Jones, ThreeSixtyEight
Adrian Owen Jones,

For example, Adrian Owen Jones, chief growth officer at Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based ThreeSixtyEight, noted that the agency launched Assembly Required, an event series that aims to make the city the “Creative Capital of the South” by building strong networks.

“We have put our energy into making our community stronger and more resilient,” she said. “This approach doesn’t just win business; it builds lasting relationships and contributes to a legacy of positive change. It’s not merely about getting your name out there, but about weaving your brand into the fabric of the community in meaningful, actionable ways.”

Strong branding is key

When it comes to PR, stories matter. In the same way that agencies work to communicate what makes their clients great, a strong sense of what your agency is and what makes it worth caring about makes a difference.

Julia Linehan, The Digital Voice
Julia Linehan,
The Digital Voice

“In the current climate, it has never been more important to not just say what you can do, but show it,” said Julia Linehan, founder and CEO at The Digital Voice, who recommends employing a mix of social, blogs, news, thought leadership, comments and carousels.

“Agencies must make it super clear what they do and where they shine,” she said. “If you want to hit the press with a compelling news story, make the headline pop. Think about what results will really mean something to potential new clients, the challenges that exist and how working with you can overcome them. Have you got a case study that bucks the trend? Do you have a partnership to shout about that will make other companies sit up and notice you? Above all else, be true to you. Less spin, more real.”

[L]earned Media’s Zises shared a similar insight, speaking to the need for a compelling narrative and one that’s different from the other players in your field.

“A strong brand identity is paramount to ensure there is a clear differentiator when a new business opportunity emerges,” he said. “It means defining a unique value proposition that sets your agency apart. Among the important elements is to be in a specialized niche, offer groundbreaking services or have a distinct and appealing company culture that resonates with your target audience.”

Being unique, but real

For Young Hero, a Gen Z-driven creator studio representing an interdisciplinary mix of talent, telling a unique story means staying true to what the studio represents, and finding the right people to draw attention to their work.

Roberto Max Salas, Young Hero
Roberto Max Salas,
Young Hero

“In our experience, the key has been consistency in our values, having a unique agency model and making sure we work with great brand partners that would want to advocate for our hard work,” said Roberto Max Salas, the studio’s president and co-founder.

Good marketing for agencies follows the same guiding principles as every other industry: putting out content that resonates with the right audiences while delivering something of true value.

Erica Coates, Mocean
Erica Coates, Mocean

“Meaningful agency marketing provides both clients and the press with the content that inspires, educates and informs, to keep audiences abreast of the latest trends,” said Erica Coates, president at Mocean. “The entire industry is always looking for new strategies that will resonate as well as deliver results. For creative agencies like ourselves, publicizing successful campaigns while sharing what led to that success is crucial for attracting new business. But it’s also important to share great work to support our industry as a whole through shared learnings.”


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