September 21, 2023

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Lerma/ combats AI DEI bias with new model

The model can yield text-to-image outputs, as well as image-to-image outputs. It’s too early to make conclusions on the effectiveness of the training, but Lerma/ says the model, dubbed “LERM@nNOS,” works by considering a wider definition of people and their appearances. 

“This is our attempt to combat bias,” said Pedro Lerma, chief executive and founder of Lerma/.

Moreover, the agency not only wants to show creatives that AI can be used in inclusive ways but also to help them make such content, which is why Lerma/ is releasing the model as a free and open-source model for all.

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Beginning Thursday, creators can access the model by querying the activation token “lerma-style” within the Stable Diffusion platform. The model’s code will also be available on Hugging Face, a data library for machine-learning software.

“LERM@NOS” builds on previous efforts by Lerma/ to increase diversity, equity and inclusion. In 2021, the agency launched a tool that calculates brands’ multicultural efforts. Lerma told Ad Age that his agency is still using the tool, and is determining how to integrate AI into its functionality. 


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