September 21, 2023

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What Gen Z wants from influencer marketing and brand social media

Gen Z has remained a highly sought-after consumer demographic among brands for the better part of a decade, driving marketers to develop campaigns and social strategies designed to resonate specifically with this age cohort. But many marketers have continued to fall short when it comes to connecting with Gen Z––and it’s often due to the simple fact that rather than working with Gen Z to craft those campaigns and social media posts, marketers look to agencies and consultancies speaking on behalf of these younger consumers. 

That’s why, earlier this month, digital marketing agency JUV Consulting set out to reorient the conversation around how brands can best appeal to Gen Z consumers by turning the stage over to the cohort those marketers are aiming to reach. At JUV’s two-day, Gen-Z-oriented conference, ZCon, the speaker lineup of marketers, creators and entrepreneurs exclusively belonged to Gen Z, those born between 1997 and 2012. 

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ZCon’s nearly three dozen speakers included creators such as Schuyler Bailar and Kahlil Greene and marketers such as Duolingo’s global social media manager Zaria Parvez; Jacqueline Banal, social media editor at youth media company Complex Networks; and Sol Betesh, co-founder and CEO of social content studio Fallen Media. 

For JUV, launching ZCon stemmed from the team’s brewing frustration with Gen Z regularly being left out of marketing and strategy discussions that directly relate to the generation, JUV’s co-founder and CEO Ziad Ahmed said at the start of the conference. 


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