September 25, 2023

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General Mills adds Carmella Creeper to Monster Cereals line

The song is meant to attract younger consumers, so of course it has a TikTok hashtag—#MonsterMashRemix.

The Monsters Cereals have been around since 1971 and started with just Count Chocula and Franken Berry. Frute Brute (formerly Fruit Brute) hit store shelves in 1974, but was dropped in 1982. Yummy Mummy debuted in 1988 with a similar fruity flavor to Frute Brute, but was only around until 1992. Now both flavors come back as limited editions. 

Starting Friday, Oct. 13—which General Mills is calling the “spookiest day of the year”—fans will also be able to buy limited-edition Monsters Cereal merch including T-shirts, a trucker hat, monster stickers and tote bags.


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