September 21, 2023

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Malmö city creates exhibition with new Swedish flags, ”Nya svenska flaggor” Adland®

Malmö stad has just announced an art project in the city. Their announcement tells us that The “New Swedish Flags” project celebrates Malmö’s diversity through a flag installation at the Malmö City Library and souvenirs at the Form/Design Center.

“There are residents from 186 different countries in Malmö. The city has adopted new Swedish flags that represent its multicultural identity. The flags display the unique nationalities of the residents but also unite with the blue-yellow colors of Sweden. They celebrate the dual identity of the citizens and their participation in society. The new Swedish flags are a physical expression of diversity and can be applied in various ways, including a flag installation at Ljuset’s calendar and souvenirs displayed at the Form/Design Center.”

The art project has been arranged by Ida Mared, an architect and founder of Stadstudio.

The Form & Design Center in Malmö arranges all sorts of exhibitions, workshops, and screenings, and is the meeting place for architecture, design, and crafts.

Nima Gholam Ali Pour, a member of the Swedish Parliament, wrote a long tweet with his opinions on this project, and he clearly is not impressed.

“It is a celebration of multiculturalism. The starting point is then that immigrants are not capable of standing behind the Swedish flag, but need to be “included” by having their home country’s flag colored blue-yellow.”

“Finally, it is absolutely disgusting that the flag of the Islamic Republic has been repainted blue and yellow. It is a total contradiction. The Islamic Republic flag is a flag that is seen as a symbol of the Islamist regime. No Iranian who supports freedom flies that flag. This artist, in all his ignorance, has repainted a symbol of oppression blue-yellow, as if it were to represent Iran. No, that flag represents those who kill Iranians.”

I’m a little more chill about it, I just feel like it’s reading the brief.


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