September 21, 2023

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Yeti CMO Paulie Dery on the brand’s new viral ads, sustainability

“There’s a lot of purpose-driven advertising in the world, and a lot of it gets a little cloudy,” Dery said. “The fact that you should never see Yeti in a landfill is a fantastic sustainability message, but it’s also just a great product message. I see these as just product ads. And if you’re unaware of how durable these products are, then hopefully they educate you so you can get behind our premium pricing, by understanding the value of what that longevity gives you.”

The clever copy lines are the cherry on top—using as few words as possible to put the power in the hands of the consumer to choose between a distressing future and a hopeful one. (Dery is a CMO with a creative background—he originally joined Yeti as VP of creative in 2019, following three years as executive creative director at Uber, and eight years before that as a CD at R/GA.)

“I love that it’s not super preachy, too,” said Dery. “It’s pretty matter-of-fact. Our product is built to last. We’ve always had a history, I think, of good writing—we have billboards over our stores where we like to flex our copywriting muscles. And it’s also about having a point of view, right? Having a point of view as a brand is good. We’ve always used copy to really hammer that home.”


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