September 25, 2023

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Agile marketing—how B2B marketers are targeting their best customers

How do you sort through different inputs to develop an ICP?

We are given permission in Salesforce to view and mine account plans that give us really great information. We just transitioned to having more structured data within account plans, not free text, so that we could mine some of those. 

We have a ton of Excel spreadsheets, analytics and dashboards and we use both Tableau and a Salesforce tool called Datorama to surface those. Once we have our accounts or personas identified, we tag them in Salesforce so that we can track penetration of those accounts, personas, engagement score increases, etc.

Do you throw out ICPs that aren’t working? 

Oh, every day. The beauty in data and in applying agile marketing principles is that you can test and learn and refine the data. The days of creating an annual marketing plan are completely over. We do two-week sprints. We launch tactics to ICPs, and if it isn’t working, or we’re getting bad feedback or unsubscribes, then we’re certainly going to pivot and refine those strategies. The other element of all of this is the inclusion and new modernization of data to include intent data, and to be able to say, “Yes, they meet my criteria, but are they in a buying cycle for us or our solution?”


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