September 25, 2023

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How Jon Batiste, Stagwell creatives teamed up for ‘World Music Radio’ album

For Jeffery and the Doner/Wolfgang team, the whole project has been a breath of fresh air, allowing the creatives to transcend their own particular “genres” and flex creative muscles of their own—something Jeffery believes is vital to staying engaged.

“If you’re a creative, you grew up loving all sorts of different types of creativity,” he said. “Maybe you drew as a kid, or you wanted to pursue photography, or write books, or sing. But as we get into the industry, you become an art director, or a copywriter, or a designer. And currently the industry isn’t really set up to allow our creators to flex beyond that and just be creative, to enable them to just get the most out of themselves—and the industry.” 

He added: “This was an amazing opportunity to figure out, how do we get the most out of our people, and help evolve the industry and our company to be the most creative it can be? We drew on our advertising background, but at the same time we had art directors doing photography and designers doing animation. We’ve got all these different people doing amazing things outside of their boxes. It’s a ‘yes and’ culture we’ve created, with no rules. Jon uses the word ‘limitless,’ and that’s really what creativity should be.”


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