October 1, 2023

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Graduate Hotels and agency Known Launch “Generation G” Adland®

“For anyone who’s ever attended college, the experience doesn’t just define who you are, it occupies a special place in your heart,” said Mark Feldstein, President of Known Studios. “This campaign captures the personal connection we all have to our college years through the unique voice and aesthetic of Graduate Hotels, combining powerful nostalgia with an eclectic modern flair in a way that resonates in the most personal way with us all.”


“Graduate’s motto is ‘We Are All Students,’ a concept Generation G fully embodies. It’s the idea that no matter how young or old you are, or when you graduated college, there’s always more to discover. There’s always a new skill to learn, place to explore or dish to try. This campaign captures that spirit of undying curiosity, adventure and wonder that runs so deeply in college towns,” said Michaella Solar-March, Chief Marketing Officer at Graduate Hotels. “Whether you’re about to start your freshman year, a parent dropping your kid off at school for the first time, a foodie, or an adventurer, young or old, you have a place at Graduate.”


The 360 campaign was created by marketing agency Known and includes a film directed by Daniel Iglesias Jr and produced by Emmy and Clio award-winning Known Studios. Other elements of the campaign include bespoke college throwback playlists by DJ White Shadow, storytelling slams across the country with The Moth, a limited collectors’ edition Generation G zine available at each hotel, custom branded merch, and much more. As a part of the digital campaign, fans of the brand can win a years’ worth of free stays at any Graduate of their choosing by sharing their most memorable college moments using the hashtag #GenGStaysHere on Instagram.


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