September 21, 2023

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Myrtle Beach undergoes bizarre AI rebrand on Reddit

Generative AI is a popular category within Reddit communities—there are subreddits devoted to generative AI, where members post images from tools such as Midjourney.

Visit Myrtle Beach’s Reddit post was an open thread, meaning it allowed comments, which can be a risky move for brands on the site. In this case, Visit Myrtle Beach received 925 comments and 782 upvotes thus far, which is an indication more people gave the post a thumbs up than thumbs down. The ad links people to to “start planning your vacation.”

The visitor’s bureau said in the Reddit article that it was too soon to know the results of the campaign. There have, however, been requests for Mitarry Best merchandise, so the visitor’s bureau built an e-commerce site with apparel that uses the AI imagery. Products listed include “Tiny human singular apparel” (a baby onesie) and “Dude acquatic leg curtains” (a male bathing suit).


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