October 1, 2023

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YouTube streamlines its ad controls: YouTube said it will soon “take the guesswork out of which ad formats to use” for creators with a new, automated ad placement system. Beginning in November, all newly uploaded videos will have their ad formats—such as pre-roll, post-roll or skippable ads—optimized by YouTube, rather than requiring creators to choose which types of ads to include in their content. YouTube opted to remove this responsibility from creators after hearing from them that “making individual selections was confusing for both newly monetizing and existing creators,” the platform said. At the same time, the platform is expanding its mid-roll ad opportunities—which remain fully controlled by creators—to help livestreaming YouTubers maximize their potential revenue. These creators will be able to set how frequently and when these mid-roll ads appear in their live content, according to YouTube creator liaison Rene Ritchie.

Threads pilots a highly anticipated search function: Since the July launch of Instagram’s sister app Threads, users have unanimously requested a search bar enabling them to sort through posts on the app—a basic function on nearly every social media platform. Finally, last Thursday, Instagram head Adam Mosseri revealed Threads is piloting that coveted search feature in Australia and New Zealand as it prepares to launch the function globally. Threads’ lack of search functionality—along with missing discoverability features such as hashtags—is one of the factors that social media managers and marketers have pointed to as holding them back from leaning fully into the platform.


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