September 30, 2023

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DirecTV has Travis Kelce and Chris Jones read bedtime stories on Spotify

“Our filter is always whether something makes us laugh—and a life-sized body pillow of Travis Kelce is the dictionary definition of something that never fails to make us crack up, even now,” said Buckley. “That speaks highly of DirecTV to extend the trust in us to take some big, kind of silly swings with the understanding that’s the type of thing that stands out now and makes audiences’ ears perk up.”

The results might not end up being quite as critical acclaimed at Squarespace’s classic sleep tapes with Jeff Bridges (which got a 7.8 rating on Pitchfork), but it’s a fresh idea in the saturated world of NFL marketing. And Kelce is always a draw for fans, as the anxiety over his injury scare this week proved once again.

Paid media on Instagram and Spotify will drive users to the playlist. Influencers will also be posting about it, including another Kansas City Chief who’s ridiculously perfect for the campaign—Drue Tranquill.

Check out Kelce’s earlier spot for DirecTV below.


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