September 21, 2023

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Roblox expands loyalty opportunities with in-game subscriptions and avatar voice calls

The earnings policies surrounding Limiteds further indicate Roblox’s desire to fuel economic opportunities in its platform. For every mint, or the first time an accessory is published, the creator receives at least a 60% cut of the corresponding sale. For every re-sale, the creator will receive a 10% royalty fee, and the re-seller will receive a 30% cut of the sale.

Royalty fees have long been touted as an advantage of NFTs, a theoretical attraction to a creator economy that is often exploited on centralized platforms. But this promise has turned out to be a bust as NFT marketplaces have eliminated royalties in order to boost sales in a depressed market.

Just how similarly Limiteds could function as NFTs will depend on the emergence of a secondary marketplace, said Ferencz. Reselling of Limiteds appears to be solely available to premium users at the moment, but given the way in which Roblox tends to expand access over time, that may soon change. 

Another way that Roblox is vying for creators, and in so doing, consumers and brands, is by appearing on more consoles. The platform announced on Friday that it will be supported on PlayStation by October. 

Roblox also recently integrated with Meta’s Quest VR headset, a beta launch that saw over 1 million downloads in roughly one week, according to Roblox’s Chief Executive David Baszucki. A full, public launch on Quest is planned for later this month, the platform announced.

Meanwhile, generative AI is a rising focus for Roblox, given the technology’s ability to democratize content creation. Roblox announced on Friday the launch of Assistant, a conversational bot that, resembling ChatGPT, will aim to help creators develop their experiences more quickly and efficiently.


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