October 1, 2023

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Slim Jim and Cinnabon get married on X after Twitter flirting

Organic brand interactions across social media platforms are a common engagement strategy. When Emily Zugay started redesigning brands’ logos, companies clamored in her comment section to be next.

The brands will stick to X for the wedding. “The audience that ‘shipped us’ originally is still there and is very active,” Matz said. “The narrative just isn’t on our other social channels.”

The decision by Slim Jim and Cinnabon to keep their gag going on X, rather than another platform, is good news for the Elon Musk-owned company, as it tries to maintain brand interest amid some new competition from Meta’s Threads and the continued rise of TikTok. Notably, Wendy’s this year moved its annual social media roast to TikTok after hosting it on Twitter for years. 

Wedding planning 

Fans will be able to help plan the wedding, from cutlery to florals, via X polls and open questions. Randomly selected fans will also receive a box of wedding favors, including a T-shirt, sticker, recipe card, Slim Jim sticks and a Cinnabon gift card.

So is there going to be a Cinnabon-flavored Slim Jim? Or a Slim Jim dusted Cinnabon? Kristen Kleist, account director at 180NY, which handles Slim Jim’s social media, said that this isn’t a ploy for a new product; the teams just want to give fans a funny social media moment that they started.

“We don’t have a plan for what’s next,” said Kleist. “We want to see what the community does. Maybe they plan a honeymoon or a family plan for us.”


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