October 1, 2023

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NFL accuses DirecTV of confusing viewers about Sunday Ticket

Some versions of the Kelce spot running on TV also include an onscreen graphic that reads, “Access NFL Sunday Ticket from YouTube on us.” That promotion, which DirecTV has posted online as well, promises a $400 Visa reward card for new DirecTV customers who sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube. (A full season of Sunday Ticket for YouTube TV subscribers costs $299 and $399 for nonsubscribers.)

The NFL says it’s heard from some fans who are confused by the campaign as a whole—and believe DirecTV still has Sunday Ticket.

“YouTube and YouTube TV are the only places to go for fans at home wanting to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket,” Jeff Miller, the NFL’s executive VP of communications, told Ad Age in a statement. “We are aware of consumer confusion resulting from advertising in the marketplace. The NFL wants its millions of fans to know where to get NFL Sunday Ticket and that we stand against deceptive advertising.”

In response to the NFL’s claims, DirecTV’s Head of Communications Jon Greer responded: “If consumers are confused, it’s because where to watch which football games is more fragmented than ever. Our advertising is clear, and just as we’ve done for 30 years we’ll continue to deliver access to the national, regional and local sports our customers want without having to switch inputs on their TV or leaving the DirecTV experience.”

The NFL did not say whether it would take any legal action against DirecTV. A person familiar with the matter said that lawyers were looking into options.


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