October 1, 2023

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See Amazon Prime’s boiler room ‘Thursday Night Football’ campaign

Rosenson said Amazon is “casting a pretty wide net” with its media buy to draw attention to the Prime broadcast. The buy includes college football games on Saturdays and NFL games on other networks on Sundays.

“It’s going to be relatively hard to miss,” she said. “We’re across every surface from TV, radio, outdoor, digital and everything in between. We’re across all the Amazon surfaces, on the vans, on all our websites and apps as well.” 

Of the metrics she’ll be monitoring, she added: “Viewership, obviously, is our goal. We certainly were happy with last season’s results, and we see room to grow this year. So we will be looking at viewership every week.” 

This is Prime’s second year as the exclusive broadcast partner for “Thursday Night Football,” following five years of airing the games digitally. NFL games will air on Prime every Thursday through the rest of 2023, with the exception of Thanksgiving Week, when Prime will air the NFL’s first-ever Black Friday game, between the Jets and the Dolphins.


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