September 30, 2023

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Hank, the Buffalo with Wings, Would Like To Have A Word

If you’re a college football fan and a Colorado Buffaloes fan in particular, you already know and love Ralphie. He runs the field with five handlers in tow before each home game. Ralphie is a legend.

Now, there’s a new buffalo* in town. His name is Hank and he works for a chicken wings conglomerate. By brand mascot standards, Hank is a handsome beast, but he also has a bit of a ‘tude.

Hank proudly states that he doesn’t just love Buffalo Wild Wings because he is a buffalo with wings, he loves BWW because “they took beer and made it into a place, then gave that place sports and chicken wings.”

This spot contains some funny dialogue (given voice by Saturday Night Live alum Beck Bennet). For instance:

Sometimes, all you need to change your life is a sign…Sometimes, that sign is an actual sign that’s mounted to a building.

“Everyone in the building has a memory with the brand. But everyone in the country just spent the last few years enjoying beer, wings, and sports at home,” said Khara Wagner, President at Anomaly LA, the agency on the account.

“The challenge was to bring them back again or bring them in for the first time by showcasing the experience you can only get at Buffalo Wild Wings.”

*While commonly referred to as a buffalo, Ralphie is an American bison. Bison are found in North America and Europe while buffalo are native to Africa and Asia.


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