September 25, 2023

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5 CMO meeting tips—how to maximize time with busy marketing execs

Skip the preamble

CMOs are a quick read. Don’t get hung up on the pleasantries.

The first 20% of most presentations is superfluous and everyone knows the real meat of the conversation comes at the end. So, imagine a world where you start with the last slide.

For your next meeting, get straight to the point; Focus on the core of your ask or discussion.

Leverage pre-reads

Seems obvious right? It’s not happening.

CMOs don’t need you to read slides to them during the time they set aside to meet with you. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end, make reviewing the materials ahead of time a priority. And make sure your deck stands on its own.

And, yes, you need to provide materials at least 12 hours in advance. Sending through slides five minutes before the meeting doesn’t provide anyone enough time to review.

Focus on the agenda … not the deck.

Inefficient meetings are the No. 1 biggest workplace distractor (and stressor).  Don’t be a part of the problem with voluminous materials and meandering talking points.

Too many people use their deck as their outline for the meeting, planning what they’ll say slide-by-slide. What if instead you prepared around a tight agenda?

Focus more on coming up with a smart, pithy POV and less on delivering a flashy deck.

Beat the five-minute rule

Just because you’ve blocked 30 minutes, doesn’t mean you have to use it.

We all know the rule is to end five minutes early. But what if you could get to the point and give 15 minutes back?

CMOs are in constant motion and will appreciate it if you give unused time at the end of a meeting back to them. And in the case of time, more is more.

Caught up in our own demanding schedules, many of us forget about these small courtesies when interacting with busy CMOs.

In doing so, we’re not only adding more to an already full plate, we’re also missing a chance to stand out as someone who’s prepared, efficient and respectful of their time. 

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