September 30, 2023

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Behind Unilever’s ‘Black Men Love’ campaign for SheaMoisture that challenges stereotypes

“This is really the convergence of two conversations happening around Black men,” Jackson said. One around the perceptions of Black men, and another around an increased focus on self-care as part of mental health.

“We’ve seen a historical conversation when you look at how Black male masculinity has been defined in society. You see at times negative stereotypes, a very homogenous view of Black men,” she said, with “George Floyd kind of being that symbol.”

The campaign aims to “help build that narrative from a single, homogenous point of view to a more positive view,” she said.

Coupled with that, she said, is that “we’re now seeing men, Black men in particular, having different conversations post-COVID, where people were able to reflect and get more in touch with themselves,” Jackson said. “We’re now seeing a different level of vulnerability, where men are looking at self-care and what self-care means for them. Wellness has become a really important conversation for men’s mental health.”


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