October 1, 2023

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Nielsen rival iSpot buys 605 as it bets on outcomes driving TV currency’s future

The acquisition means merging data sets from cable provider Charter combined with smart TV data from Vizio and LG, which brings iSpot to 82.7 million household devices under measurement, Muller said.

“The thing that has us really excited is their outcomes measurement,” Muller said. “People close to it know, but the market as a whole doesn’t, that 605 has some of the most sophisticated outcomes measurement capabilities being very quickly adopted by the sell side. We want to bring it to the buy side. So it’s complementary to everything we do.”

Muller added: “A big reason why we’re doing this is that we believe outcomes will be a major component of currency. We just think its importance is going to continue to increase, and more investments will be made in the outcomes side in the future than will be in the counting side.”

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ISpot already connects linear and streaming viewership with web traffic and offline sales to attribute lifts to ad placements, Muller said. “What they’ve done really well is outcome measurement against third-party data sets, whether it’s CPG sales data from Catalina and other sources, auto sales data from Polk, location data from Places and other credit card, search and survey data.”

In an interview earlier this year, 605 CEO Tom Keaveney also described outcomes measurement from video ad exposures as his company’s strong suit. “You saw an ad for Nike. Did it result in a full-price purchase? You saw an ad for a QSR? Did you visit one of those QSRs subsequently?” he said. “I think it’s transformative of the industry because it provides real efficacy. Currency is a base level we need to transact. But there’s a way to look at what we’re doing and use tools to make them more predictive in the future.”


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