September 30, 2023

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DoorDash tries to hire more Spanish-speaking gig workers with new campaign

DoorDash began working on the campaign after discovering that 30% of Hispanic American adults had earned money through gig platform work, which is the highest percentage among Black, Asian and white adults, according to Pew Research. Hispanic Americans also made the highest amount of deliveries from a restaurant or a store for a delivery app (16%), according to Pew Research. 

Meanwhile, DoorDash found through internal research that it wasn’t top of mind for Hispanic Americans when it came to gig work, especially in more urban areas.

“There is a gap between where we are and the opportunity there,” said Val Noonan, senior manager of brand marketing at DoorDash. “But we also saw that Spanish-speaking Dashers had good performance on our app—they worked longer, had a higher [net promoter] score and retained longer,” meaning they were employed by the platform for a longer period of time. 

In its 2022 economic impact report, DoorDash stated that 47% of its dashers were people of color, but declined to break down the numbers by demographic. 

The campaign, called, “Everyone knows, you should too,” comes from Superette and Gallegos United.


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