EPIK: Guidelines for Authors

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Those considering publishing a resource for teaching in EPIK should follow the guidelines below.

  1. First: Fill out and submit the form below.
  2. Second: Email a PDF submission that aligns with the guidelines outlined below.
    • Subject line: Author’s Last Name and Title of Submission
    • Body of Message: Consider treating the message of the email as a cover letter for the submission
    • Send email to epik@intscholars.com

Submission Guidelines

  • All submitted materials must be original work of the submitting author(s). Having authorization for “fair use” does not indicate that ICSK has permission to post the material within EPIK.
    • Examples of materials that are likely unacceptable include using instructor manuals, cartoons, or other images from textbooks or other internet/print sources.
    • If the resource you are submitting is already published by another entity (journal, magazine, book, etc.), the authors must submit written permission from the original source (publisher/owner of copyright) is required at the time of submission (included in the submitted document as an appendix).
  • ¬†Submissions cannot contain any defamatory or legal statements. Submissions must not infringe on the rights of others.
  • Authors will retain copyright of any accepted resources. However, the authors are granting ICSK to use your work as a resource, accessible through ICSK’s EPIK pages, for a minimum of 5 years. Following acceptance, authors will be asked to sign a publication agreement.
  • Author(s) should indicate the type of resource being submitted: Syllabus, activity, practice quiz/test questions, assignment, supplementary video, presentation, review strategy, assessment tool, or technology integration. If the submission does not fit into one of these categories, the authors should specify an appropriate alternative.
  • Author(s) should indicate the cost of implementing the resource.
  • All submissions should include a written introduction indicating:
    • How the resource can be useful to college/university instructors
    • How the resource is supported by the literature regarding best practices in teaching and learning
    • Formatted in paragraph style – not bulleted lists
  • Submissions should be written and cited using APA style in a format that is clear and easy for instructors to use. All submissions should be free of grammatical and spelling errors
  • The file format will depend on the type of resource being submitted.

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