Learning Center

Welcome to ICSK’s Learning Center

We believe that student and professional ICSK members can learn collaboratively through shared experiences. Here, we will serve as a resource repository for faculty who educate students and the students who learn from them!

You can expect to find resources related to syllabi, activities, assignments, supplementary videos, presentations, review strategies, assessment tools, and methods to integrate technology. Students and faculty members can collaborate and seek advice from peers on their respective discussion boards. Kinesiology students may also find helpful tips for studying challenging topics, watch faculty deliver video lessons on relevant topics, and prepare study guides to share with peers. Want access to these materials once available? Register here to become a member of ICSK!

We have big dreams of being the one-stop-shop for learning in Kinesiology. However, we need YOU to engage with us and share your expertise. Consider reviewing the Call for Submissions and Reviewers information to see how you can get involved!

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