Below are general descriptions of what to expect from their presentations. Feel free to click on their names to view their professional profiles!

Ready to Learn from the 2020 Research Week Keynote Speakers? Watch Here!

Dr. Don Morgan: A Professor at Middle Tennessee State University will deliver his talk, “Grants 101: Lessons and Insights” to kick off Student Research Week!


Orr Dr. Rob Orr: An Associate Professor of Physiotherapy at Bond University, Dr. Orr leads the Tactical Research Unit providing research and consultancy services to military, law enforcement and fire and rescue across the globe. Dr Orr’s keynote, entitled, “Tactical load carriage: Research and Practice”, will look at loads carried by tactical populations and their real-world impacts.

John MercerDr. John Mercer: A Professor at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas will discuss “Physics and Physiology of Endurance Performance: Swim, Bike, and Run.”

Dr. Victor CheuyDr. Victor Cheuy: Dr. Cheuy is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences as well as Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at the University of California-San Francisco. Dr. Cheuy’s keynote is entitled, “How Engineering, Movement Science, and Rehabilitation Intersect in Diabetes Research.”

Dr. Jill MaplesDr. Jill Maples: Dr. Maples is an Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine.  Her keynote will center around “Making Connections.”



ICSK would like to thank the following professionals for serving as our distinguished keynote speakers for our inaugural Student Research Week.

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