Educational Practices in Kinesiology

The International Community of Scholars in Kinesiology (ICSK) is excited to provide peer-reviewed teaching resources for use within the sub-disciplines of kinesiology. This repository will contain evidence-based materials that have been used by professionals within kinesiology to improve teaching and learning outcomes.

Resources will include, but are not limited to, syllabi, activities, assignments, supplementary videos, presentations, review strategies, assessment tools, and technology integration.

Targeted content areas include, but are not limited to, exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor behavior, athletic training, strength and conditioning, exercise testing & prescription in healthy and special populations, research methods, measurement and evaluation/statistics, sport/exercise psychology, sport history, sport sociology, or philosophy of physical activity.

Call for Submissions

Individuals interested in submitting a resource should refer to our Guidelines for Authors.

Call for Reviewers

We are seeking ICSK professional members in Kinesiology related fields that teach graduate or undergraduate students on a regular basis who would like to serve as reviewers of submitted educational materials. Reviewers are asked to rank submissions on the following categories:

  1. Relevance to the indicated content area
  2. Clarity and quality
  3. Ease of implementation
  4. Potential to engage students (if applicable)
  5. Evidence regarding best practices in teaching and learning
  6. Contribution to scholarship and/or practice of teaching


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